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Strategic Content Managerin

Responsible for all Creative Concepts & Creative assets

as a Design Lead including The structuring Management 

My Job

I have around six Clients were I have the full responsibility to deliver, manage & create Content under review and cooperation with Performance Managers.

My team right now has one Medior, two Juniors & one trainee Designer.


On a daily basis, I coordinate tasks and help them with their assignments or develop their skills and expand their knowledge across Creative Cloud.

In addition, I put all clients under the microscope to improve their designs and the quality of the assets themselves, as I monitor every asset that goes to the client to ensure top - quality

Right now,  I am  also working on getting the Social Media Ad Manager Certificate to have 360º view across Social Media.

My Job

Case Study: Fittrack

Custumer: Please Create a new Campaign to show off the Fittrack Scale

& Give us 3 Communication Strategies and One Ad example 

More Clients with 

Communication Strategies & Design

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